Entries with the category “Parenting Philosophy”

  • Looking Past the Behaviour During Sibling Conflict

    It’s a scene almost any parent of more than one child knows well: you’ve just broken up yet another sibling conflict. 

    What do you do?

  • Keeping Your Cool When Things Are Overheating With Your Child

    Do you tend to “lose it” more often than you’d like? Are you trying to stop getting swept up in the heat of the moment when your child’s behaviour is frustrating you? Try these ideas next time!

  • Surviving the Last Month of School (Without Losing Your Mind!)

    For “differently-wired” kids and their families, the end of a school year is often a frantic and stressful time. What's a parent to do?

  • Getting Your Child's Teacher on Board

    When you’re blessed with a child who is a little bit (or a lot) outside of the norm – a child with unique needs and talents and challenges – sending your child off to school can be a nerve-wracking experience. 

  • Are your expectations reasonable?

    Maybe the programmers at Facebook decided that calculus is so important for Facebook users that you can't access the site unless you answer a calculus question correctly. Unless you know how to do calculus, you probably can't answer the question. Having an expectation of another person doesn't mean that person can meet it.

  • Trusting my Instincts

    When I decided to move my son from his elementary school to a home learning program, the principal was concerned that I would be taking on too much. But my instincts told me that I had to try it